OsseoSeal Resorbable Porcine membrane

OsseoSeal Resorbable Porcine membrane

OsseoSeal is a resorbable collagen membrane derived from purified porcine pericardium. This membrane was designed to provide superior barrier function, while maintaining ideal handling characteristics. Once hydrated, the OsseoSeal™ collagen membrane has excellent tensile strength and is not easily torn. This ensures that clinicians can easily stretch the membrane without tearing.   OsseoSeal™ the ideal membrane for tenting and a other GBR procedures. 

  • Material: Type 1 porcine pericardium
  • Resorption time: 3-4 months
  • Fast hydration and excellent tensile strength
  • Good adaptation to various defects
  • Excellent tear function and duration
  • One membrane in a box

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OsseoSeal Porcine collagen membrane 15X20


OsseoSeal Porcine Collagen Membrane 20X30

OS3040 OsseoSeal Porcine Collagen Membrane 30X40


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